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Who needs a 3D TOUR and why today?

For residential real estate

Residential real estate is apartments, houses, townhouses, summer cottages, cottages, chalets, rooms, palaces, villas, etc. 3D tour Matterport (USA) technology will help an owner or realtor to quickly rent or sell any residential urban or suburban, foreign real estate without the need to organize countless visits and often unnecessary displays.

For trade and industrial exhibitions

First of all, the 3D tour is a modern technology for demonstrating new products and achievements in an interactive mode. It allows at any time from anywhere in the world to see the entire exposition in great detail. The 3D tour is especially relevant for those who could not get to the exhibition and may be interesting as a report on the past exhibition

For commercial real estate

In this case, your potential customers can see everything as if you were with them, without having to organize a viewing every time.

For cafe, bar, restaurant, banquet hall

Our 3D tour will help to convince future guests that the only right decision is to visit your cafe or restaurant.

For Fitness and sports clubs

Virtual 3D tour from ONE-VISION powered by Matterport technology (USA) is a completely new level of presentation of your object. A unique interactive 3D tour will increase all indicators, from website conversion to the number of customers who have applied.

For SPA centers and beauty salons

The luxury of modern SPA and cosmetic technologies, the uniqueness of the equipment can be easily demonstrated with the help of a 3D tour to potential clients of both a premium clinic of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, and to clients of any SPA salon

For shops and shopping centers

The store owner can show future customers that he has a great sales area and that the most interesting product is located here. So that any person would certainly want to come here.

For hotels, boarding houses, sanatoriums

It is the 3D tour that allows future guests to show the comfort of your rooms, the main points of the location, your style, your amenities and your service. As a result, it will allow you to easily stand out from the competition!

For insurance companies

The exclusive capabilities of the 3D tour allow you to easily capture any objects BEFORE and AFTER the insured event with colossal detail.

For museums, galleries and art exhibitions

Anyone can visit an exhibition, museum or art gallery and study everything there to the smallest detail. 24 hours a day – even after the exhibition has closed.

For car dealerships

Any potential buyer from home can see the entire model range of the car dealership. The 3D tour will allow the buyer to look, study and even sit in each car, and quickly make a choice. And as a result, you are already ahead of your competitors in absentia!

For yachts and cruise ships, planes and airliners

Prepare for a trip on a cruise ship, yacht, airliner or just a helicopter, familiarize yourself with the location of cabins or chairs, the degree of their comfort, choose the one you need according to your taste and capabilities, a 3D tour will always help.

Work process

таргетированная реклама бесплатные курсы
смм маркетинг обучение

Object inspection

studying it and drawing up a project implementation plan.


Coordination of the scope and list of works, conclusion of an official contract.


Shooting at a convenient time for the customer so that it does not interfere with visitors and staff.


Processing footage in a special program Matterport and creating a virtual 3D tour.

Photos in 4K quality

At the request of the customer, photos of the object are issued in 4K quality for catalogs or presentations.

Tariff plans for the development of a 3D tour

создание сайт визитки


Number of panoramas: 5-9 pcs.

Price for 1 panorama: 600 UAH.

создание сайт визитки


Number of panoramas: more than 10 pieces.

Price for 1 panorama: 500 UAH.

создание сайт визитки


Number of panoramas: more than 15 pieces.

Price for 1 panorama: 450 UAH

создание сайт визитки


Number of panoramas: more than 25 pieces.

Price for 1 panorama: 400 UAH.