Website development

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Why do you need a website?

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The site is the face of your business. You can provide all the necessary information to your clients, leave your contact details for quick communication, place a map on which you can show the location of your offline office, indicate opening hours, tariffs for your services and much more.

T&D Marketing Digital Agency is a professional website development studio. We offer a full range of services for the creation of web projects – from scratch and on a turnkey basis. We carry out all stages of development – you get a fully working resource.
Extensive experience and knowledge of the specifics of web development allow us to find individual solutions for any web project. We know how to create a website that will favorably distinguish itself against the background of competitors, satisfy individual requests, including cost, and make a profit.

What will you get?


We create site design and layout taking into account adaptability, so that the project is displayed correctly and beautifully on all devices and monitors of different resolutions. Such resources are convenient for everyone to use, and you do not lose potential customers.


We analyze the requests of the target audience, develop a page script, make the interface convenient and understandable. Searching for information, buying a product – regardless of the purpose, we help your customers reach it quickly and with pleasure.


We optimize the speed of loading web pages for the speed of the resource on desktops and mobiles. Potential clients will not leave the site, and search engines will not drop in search results due to its slow work.


We introduce functionality that increases customer confidence in the resource, motivates them to take the target action – buying, making a call, making an application, or subscribing. We develop individual interactive elements.


We carry out technical and internal website optimization. Analytics systems are installed, headers, metadata, images are optimized. The project is completely ready for promotion.


Administration of the project after launch can be entrusted to us or you can conduct it yourself. We advise the customer’s representative on working with the site’s admin panel. You will be able to manage the project yourself.

Scheme of work

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We discuss the details and features of your project

We agree on the contract and terms of reference

We create a block structure and design project

We make up and develop functionality

Filling project pages with information

We conduct training and transfer access

Project process

Detailed prototype

A well-developed and sketched structure of all pages and blocks.

Unique design

Drawing a customer-centric design

Adaptive layout

For all browsers and devices, mobile and tablet versions

Convenient admin panel

The ability to edit any texts, photos and other content on the site.

SEO optimization

We will write meta tags, keywords, titles and descriptions for SEO promotion

Web analytics

Google Analytics connection. Configuring and tracking behavior

Tariff plans

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Landing page

up to 3 DAYS / 150 EUR

Landing page (aka selling or landing page) is a site that is designed to sell a single or seasonal product, as well as to collect contact information of site visitors. Landing Page development does not take much time, as it includes only 1 page, which contains various elements to capture visitors. This can be an offer to subscribe to a newsletter, registration in your personal account to receive a discount, as well as various feedback buttons that help you get phone numbers and email addresses of potential customers.

  • We will create a unique design
  • We will write selling text
  • We will select high-quality photos
  • Connect statistics
  • Set up communication forms
  • Add a button “Request a call”
  • Set up uploading to CRM
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Business card website

from 5 DAYS / 200 EUR

A business card site is perfect for small companies, individuals and organizations that want to share their services on the Internet. It can contain information about the services or products you provide, as well as your key benefits. Usually it takes about 10 days to create a business card website, depending on the amount of information that needs to be added to the site. The development cost includes a set of all necessary components that allows you to independently manage the site, as well as ensure its smooth operation.

  • Draw a light design
  • Connect the mobile version
  • Fill in the inner pages
  • Connect the statistics of visits
  • Add a gallery of images
  • Add a button “Request a call”
  • Set up a content management system
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Corporate website

up to 10 DAYS / 320 EUR

If you want to create a website and place a large amount of information and news on it, then the creation of a corporate website is suitable for you. Thanks to a well-thought-out structure and the presence of the necessary functionality, a corporate website will allow you to post a large number of texts that will contain the necessary keys for website promotion. This is a large project with non-standard functionality that requires close attention to every detail, so a team of designers, developers and copywriters will participate in the development of such a site.

  • Let’s create 3 layout designs
  • We will select icons and photos
  • We write unique texts
  • Fill in the inner pages
  • We connect the necessary functionality
  • Set up CMS and CRM system
  • We optimize for search engines
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Online Shop

from 10 DAYS / 430 EUR

Do you have products that you want to sell online? We are ready to create an online store and fill it with your products in the shortest possible time with a quality guarantee. On such a site you can place all information about your products, as well as its photos and video reviews. The online store will function as an online showcase with the ability to pay for the order directly on the site. This type of site can completely replace a retail outlet and save the cost of renting premises. We know how to create professional online stores with a personal account.

  • Create 4 layout designs
  • We will think over the structure of the store
  • Install filters and search
  • Let’s connect online payment
  • Add a statistics system
  • Unload the database
  • Set up delivery terms